Making Smarter Decisions behind the Scenes

Solving problems before they become an issue

Subscriptions are a way to make your life easier without needing to know the ins and outs of the package manager or OS. This enables packages to be automatically installed (or not installed) when smart conditions are met. You may have your own ideas where subscriptions would make life easier for users. By using the collective efforts of our community, subscriptions will allow you to:

  • Reduce unneeded dependencies (smaller updates)
  • ​Ensure you have the right kernel modules installed for your programs
  • Enable custom subscriptions for packages
    • Can have a minimal version of the same package with fewer features and dependencies
    • Have a minimal subscription for a lighter system (but some features will no longer be available)
  • ​Subscribing to language and translation files. Extra files don’t need to be installed
  • Capability based subscriptions (i.e. hardware specific packages)

There are many possibilities in how you can use subscriptions. While a powerful feature that you can customize, it also just works out of the box without you even knowing it exists!

Here’s a few simple examples of how subscriptions can handle problem scenarios before you run into them:

  • Automatically install 32bit graphics drivers when you have steam or wine installed
  • Install the dolphin plugins for nextcloud when you have both programs installed, but don’t install all the KDE dependencies of the plugins when you don’t use dolphin
  • Automatically install the VA/VA-VPI packages for your hardware, but not all versions for all hardware