About Serpent OS

Serpent OS is building a pioneering Linux distribution, with a focus on cutting edge technologies to streamline performance and developer workflow. This enables users to get things done while reducing frictions for users to contribute. We make the same tools that we use available to you to ensure you get the best experience.

The team have developed a set of principles and goals for what represents Serpent OS. Our goals are to enable you to:

  • Take control of your computer
  • Get the most from your hardware
  • Enjoy a reliable experience
  • Improve your experience behind the scenes
  • Develop and contribute fast and efficiently
  • Be part of a thriving community
  • Have fun while interacting with other users and contributors

Be Part of a Thriving Community

Most development discussions happen on our matrix channels #serpentos on matrix.org or in our development channel, #serpentos-dev on matrix.org.

If your matrix client supports spaces (app.element.io does), you can join the Serpent OS matrix Space which will show all the channels offered by us.

You can also join us at GitHub(serpent-os) where you'll find all our code and tools. Our packaging repositories live at GitHub(snekpit). These two places are where users are able to contribute and improve Serpent OS.

We want to enjoy working on Serpent OS, and we want you to as well. If there is anything that is impacting your ability to enjoy your time with the community, then let us know. Others may be feeling the same way, so the sooner you approach us, the sooner we can get on top of it before it becomes a wider concern.

All the Finer Details

There are plenty of other details that reflect these goals that have been written about during development, so check out our blog to discover some of the nitty gritty details and design decisions that make up Serpent OS.


Our logo was kindly contributed by Rıza Türker (Legend!).